Thieves! Duboce Triangle free library stolen, replaced

Pub date May 23, 2014
SectionPixel Vision

Thievery! The little free library on Noe went missing Wedenesday, and initially in its place was only a chalk outline decrying its loss.

“I was pissed,” librarian Jamison Wieser told reporter (and Bay Guardian freelancer) Sara Bloomberg for her blog, A Room with a View in San Francisco.

The little free library sits outside 233 Noe, and people can freely borrow from its collection of 20 or so books. No checkout system exists, it’s all based on the honor system. Unfortunately, someone decided to act less than honorably.  After the case was stolen, chalk outlines were drawn on the ground where the books from the stolen bookcase were thrown.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

The book case was shortly replaced, with books already filling the shelves, Bloomberg reported. There was one new addition though, a sign, reading “These books may be freely borrowed. (Please do not take bookcase).”

The Duboce Triangle little free library is part of the Little Free Library network, with 15,000 participating little libraries and counting. The Duboce Triangle little free library is taking donations at Paypal using the email, or you can leave cash with the librarians right on Noe.