Psychic Dream Astrology: March 19 – 25, 2014

Pub date March 18, 2014

March 19-25, 2014


March 21-April 19

The way to it is through it, Aries. Instead of trying to sidestep your problems this week you should to treat them with loving care and compassion. What are you resisting? The story you’re telling yourself is a good one, but it’s just a narrative. Change it and you’ve changed what you’re experiencing and what you feel.


April 20-May 20

You’re trying too hard. Don’t push forward like a bull in a china shop, Taurus. Take a pause to reassess what it is that you want. If you find that you’re clearer about what you don’t want than what you do, you’ve found the root of your problem. Invest in what you want to attract instead of repel, this week.


May 21-June 21

Don’t focus on the crap in your life or what could go wrong, ’cause it’ll only make matters worse. The problems you are confronted with are the Universes’ invitation to be kind to yourself. You are well bestowed with the gift of distractibility, but it won’t serve you now. Love yourself out of this pickle.


June 22-July 22

There’s no greater feeling than the one that comes when you trust your instincts and things flow perfectly. It’s always awesome when things go well, but it’s extra special when you’re successful because you did well. Take a chance on yourself this week and follow your gut instincts all the way home.


July 23-Aug. 22

People love to talk about ‘letting go’ but what does it mean? It certainly isn’t encouragement to drop responsibility for you, even if that feels seductive at times. Letting go is more about allowing than anything else, Leo. Allow your life to reveal itself and your choices to unfold. Let go of your agenda this week.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The antidote to feeling overwhelmed this week is through the simple act of organization. Get it together by dotting your i’s and crossing those t’s. Prioritize what you need to do by making three separate lists: one for today, the second for this week, and the third for this month. You’ll get it done by and by.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sometimes things need to break in order for us to bend. The biggest troubles that plague you are also the greatest teachers you’ve got. Don’t resist the dramas in your life because they are pointing out places within you or your life that need fortifying. Change or be changed, Libra.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You don’t need to know the answer, but you will be greatly helped if you know what’s right. This is not the time to languish in your anxieties, Scorpio, so find healthy distractions instead. Make sure that your actions reflect your intentions, and if they don’t, take a break from acting at all this week.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s time to execute your well-laid plans. Put all you’ve got out there and be patient, because as smart and capable as you are, you still have to deal with the needs of your heart. Do only as much as you can without sacrificing feeling good. Resiliency will come from an accurate appraisal of your emo limits this week.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

There’s no way to go through a major transition without entertaining some fear. ‘How will things turn out?’ ‘Will I be good enough?’ — these are reasonable concerns. Just be careful that you don’t focus on your worries disproportionately to your hopes, Capricorn. Keep your head up and your heart will follow.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

As soon as you try to assign blame, be it on yourself or others, you loose. The point is not who messed things up, it’s what you’re gonna do about it now. Don’t pretend to be rational when dealing with your subjective emotions; be where you’re at this week as honestly and compassionately as you can.


Feb. 19-March 20

The path to happiness is paved with many small, high-quality choices. It’s important that you honor the little things this week, because they add up in a big way. You’re driven to make your life more of what you want it to be, but that doesn’t have to require grand acts. Pursue joy in the small stuff, Pisces.

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