Psychic Dream Astrology: November 20-26, 2013

Pub date November 20, 2013

March 21-April 19
Collaborate instead of instigate this week, Aries. Your relationships are not in your control. There is no way to ensure that the people around you want the same things you do, or see the value in your plans. It may just turn out that others ideas are the perfect compliment to yours.

April 20-May 20
Peacefulness does not come to those passively waiting around for it. Creating and maintaining peace is hard work. In your efforts to experience calm and tranquility you must be honest with yourself about what you need, Taurus. This week is all about getting real with your self, even if that means traveling through a passage of pain.

May 21-June 21
Not all selfish acts are bad; you must put yourself first in order to you’re your life what you want it to be. It’s when you take the time, energy or stuff that doesn’t belong to you that you’re getting into bad-vibes selfishness. Do you this week without overstepping the boundaries of what’s yours, Gemini.

June 22-July 22
If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t, Moonchild. Your willingness and ability to trust in your own point of view is being tested this week. The path of least resistance may be paved with other peoples desires, at that’s not always OK. Be true to yourself, even if that requires you to make some waves.

July 23-Aug. 22
Now that you’re seeing clearer, it’s time to determine your limits so that you can let others know what to do with your truth. Even if you are perfectly honest, that doesn’t mean that others will be, or that they’ll respond kindly to whatever it is that’s real for you. Ask so that you can receive this week.

Aug. 23-Sept. 22
You’re not in control, that much is clear. Events are playing out differently than you’d have them, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Stop trying to assign blame for the things that aren’t working in your life and start coping with the feelings that you’re experiencing. Repeat after me: TLC trumps OCD.

Sept. 23-Oct. 22
You are careening towards an inevitable end, Libra. You have already laid the foundations, and this week you will see some rewards, or at the very least, consequences. If things aren’t going to your liking you need to do some soul searching. Manage your circumstances by owning them this week.

Oct. 23-Nov. 21
You need a break, Scorpio. Taking a step back from your life will allow you to better understand what’s working (or not) and why. If you keep on reacting to the shifting tides you may find yourself frustrated and unhappy by weeks end. Tend to your insides to support your outsides this week.

Nov. 22-Dec. 21
No matter how compelling it may be, you would be wise to not focus on your worries this week, Sag. You are meant to go in an extraordinary direction, and that takes some blind faith and lots of checking in with yourself. Stay true to your heart, and bring your head along for the ride; not the other way around.

Dec. 22-Jan. 19
If you stay aligned with your emotional integrity this week, you will be able to respond to all of your life’s twists and turns with grace. You don’t have to do the “right” thing, Cappy; only do what’s right for you. While so much is out of control in your life, focus on the stuff you have jurisdiction over: your own responses.

Jan. 20-Feb. 18
It can be hard to trust yourself when there are so many voices with valuable input. If you find too many contradicting perspectives are hammering at your head, take the time to hole up and take a time out, Aquarius. Make space for your own instincts to emerge so you can follow-through on them, pal.

Feb. 19-March 20
Sometimes you need to risk peace in order to maintain it, Pisces. Stand up for what you believe to be right, whether it’s a cause, a person or your own self. You may piss some people off if you do, remember that there is a meaningful difference between harming others and not giving them what they want.

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