Run, Chewie, run: Star Wars fashions fly at ‘Run the Course’

Pub date July 22, 2013
WriterWhitney Kidd
SectionPixel Vision

Many people say that the Star Wars movies are phenomenal, and I’m sure that if I’d seen any of them, I’d agree. Although I don’t know much about the series, there is one thing I do know – the fashion of Star Wars fans is vastly underrated.

A couple Wednesdays ago, die-hard fans ran in Course the Force, an Olympic-style torch relay benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They started at Pier 50, and ran across the Golden Gate Bridge, and then joined “Conival” at Justin Herman Plaza for games, food, expo booths, and live music.

Thirteen year-old Morgan McCarthy sported an outfit resembling Barriss Offee. “Barriss was a background character in the movies, but became a major player in the cartoon,” McCarthy said. McCarthy may have worn a new costume, but her sister, ten year-old Isabel, proved that hipsters come in all shapes and sizes as she wore a thrifted costume, handed down by her older sister.

One of the most talked about costumes of the event came from Traci Degerman, who dresses as a Jedi knight of the old republic. Not only did Degerman put in more elbow grease in dressing up by doing her own engravements on her outfit, but she still looked fierce and ready to kick ass even after participating in the Course the Force Relay. “Well, it was only half a mile,” Degerman said modestly of her triumph. “I’m just excited to see the video of us running.” I guess you can’t look fine and run gracefully.

I wish we could focus only on the cute children and over achievers, but with the bad always tags along with the good. “In all fairness, I’m dressed as myself,” Leif Bryor said. Bryor was technically dressed as a Jedi, as his robe had an official emblem on it. He described his attire choice as “Just a way to find granny,” as he handed over a business card and walked away. Bryor didn’t put any effort into his look but, Sith happens.