Know my desktop, know me: The rise of the screen grab confessional

Pub date June 13, 2013
SectionVideo Pick

A realization reached this morning while Google (or in this case, Froogal) Hanging with Houston rapper’s Fat Tony video for “Hood Party”: A look at someone’s desktop can tell you more about a certain breed of 2013 person than watching them speed hunt-‘n’-peck their way through their inbox on the other bar stool. Small wonder then, that the screen grab confessional is now a thing. Thanks in part goes to local goth-hop promotor Marco de la Vega’s current video installation, viewable IRL through June 30 at Little Paper Planes‘ Owl Cave Books video installation space. Viewing instructions to my Guardianistas: play loud af in your headphones.

Watch the clip above for the real life daytime dealings of a club promotor, including the inner workings of Ticketfly, kitty cuddles, email inbox exposure, and cameos by some real cute videos-within-video: Mykki Blanco’s latest headturner and a compilation of death drops by vogue legend Erica Kane. Disclosing fully: De la Vega is not only a Guardian posterchild, but also a FB chat buddy of mine. Of course, that’ll be obvious to anyone who makes it to the 4:11 mark in the video. You can check out a whole bunch of other hip-to-the-minute clips made for Owl Cave’s video series on its Youtube channel