Another victory for the champions of the “unborn”

Pub date June 13, 2013
SectionPolitics Blog

In a grand piece of political theater, Wisconsin Republicans passed a measure 17-15 in their senate that would require an ultrasound prior to an abortion. “Theater” because they had the votes already and because it gave them the chance to grandstand “passionately” about this particularly ridiculous law (the idea being that if the uninformed baby vessel got to see what she was killing, no abortions–like she didn’t know what she was doing and wandered into a clinic looking for a bagel and cream cheese and walked out sans fetus).

Or maybe that the idea being that if you make the already ugly and gruesome abortion procedure into a humiliating, painful, degrading and drawn out marathon of misery, the wimmens will be less likely to “kill their babies”. 

OK. That does make sense in its way. But…….

The male half of these pregnancies don’t seem to have a parallel punishment. Why is that? Why not a law that requires that a physician stick a biopsy needle down the ureter to let the “offending party feel the pain of a baby’s death?”

Makes sense to me.