Pride weekend in LA

Pub date June 8, 2013
SectionPolitics Blog


It appears that I have pissed off more than a few people as per my opinions on the issue of “Pride Weekend.” To clarify then:

 Anyone anywhere that regards gay, lesbian, transgendered or bisexual people as second class citizens in any way is an idiot than can fuck off this page immediately. I have no use for you–any relationship I can be in legally, so can everyone. That this is even an issue is asinine.

That said “Pride Weekend” is no different to me than St. Paddy’s Day, Memorial Day or any other social event than began as one commemoration (and a gutsy one) and became another one as soon it became fiscally lucrative (and acceptable in the mainstream) to do so. When the HIV virus was destroying gay communities in the 80’s, Pride parades were, no pun intended, ballsy.

Now? Great that it’s a get together for friends and even as a hook up deal–fine. But I know damned well that its present relationship for way too many people is to gay rights as Christmas is to the teachings of Christ–lots of businesses need this weekend to get into the black for the year. And they do.

If that offends you and enrages you, such is life. I’m just glad that the nonsense tends to be in LA’s OTHER gay enclave West Hollywood and not here in the “Swish Alps” of Silver Lake (yes, that’s what it was called back in the 1950’s, when “City of Night” was inspired) . We’re OK with the big bucks bonanza being where it is, bridge and tunnel types are an issue here in Hipsterville every other weekend of the year already. And I am assuming that lots of San Franciscans feel that way as well (think of how the natives feel in New Orleans during Mardi Gras) Have fun!