Cheap date alert: Get paid to go watch ‘Dexter’ at a pop-up drive-in

Pub date June 6, 2013
SectionPixel Vision

Happy 80th birthday to the drive-in movie theater! We <3 you as much as Danny Zuko. And now that we’re on the subject — and not to be a total commercial or anything — but this promo deal from ZipCar hyping Dexter via drive-in actually looks like fair compensation for becoming part of a network television hype machine if you have a gore-oriented date on your hands. 

The upshot: ZipCar will pay $50 worth of car credit for members to rent an auto, drive to a secret location, eat free snacks (if you’re there early), check out the season premiere of Dexter‘s last go-round, and Liev Schreiber’s new vehicle Ray Donovan, and try not to get bodily fluids all over your rental car. I’m sorry, but come on it’s a drive-in theater — what do they think people do there, watch the screen?

Of course, this isn’t the only chance you have to fog up the windows. WestWind Drive-Ins operates two drive-in theaters in the Bay Area, one in Concord and one in San Jose that has a thriving screening schedule of double features. They’ll run you a reasonable $7.25 per person in your ride, plus $1 for individuals under the age of 11 (free entry for the sub five-year-olds). 

The San Jose Westwind. Photo by Yelp user Keith K.

Anyway, since the rental car company is pretty much paying for the June 26, we recommend reserving the ride with the largest back seat now. 

ZipCar Drive-In

June 26, 8-11pm, free with ZipCar membership

Secret Bay Area location