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Pub date May 29, 2013
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I have been getting too many emails and IMs from readers that tell me that they’d like to weigh in on my blog posts but can’t because the thread had degenerated into a shit-flinging contest. So let me remind you of’s policy on comments.


Comments that have nothing to do with the topic, that are nothing but ad hominem attacks, or that include offensive language or hate speech, are subject to being deleted. We want this to be an open forum, but we also want to keep it (relatively) civil (and relevant).


Unless the topic of my blog post is “does Johnny Angel Wendell (or Tim Redmond/Bruce Brugmann/The SFBG/Another poster) suck or do they rule?” your irrelevant comments are going to go.


We wouldn’t converse with each other in person this way. That is the rule of thumb.


Tear the premise of the blog post to pits, praise it to the skies, be indifferent, fine. I’m personally fair game as well (good or bad), as long as the topic is the subject. This isn’t that hard. I don’t wanna be an Internet cop. But because a few allegedly adult readers are driving off an awful lot of would-be participants, I’m going to have to use the “delete” key.