4 reasons that spending $150 on Janelle Monae tickets is not 100 percent ridiculous

Pub date May 14, 2013

1. Her Thu/16 show is at the symphony It is! The show is at Davies Symphony Hall and features actual symphony musicians playing actual orchestral arrangements to back up android-andro chic Ms. Monae, whose set will include material from her new album even. She’s dropping through the Chicago Symphony later this month as a last-minute stand-in for Aretha Franklin, so you can go to her SF gig and chortle about the Windy City getting our original orchestral arrangement sloppy seconds. This will be a wonderful chance to see the Symphony dames approximate Rocky Horror Picture Show, if Thursday night’s fashion scene is anything like this episode of 106th and Park:

2. It’s a fundraiser Your million dollars are going towards teaching childrens how to play musical instruments. The SF Symphony’s Adventures in Music program reaches all 23,000 kidlets on the 91 SF Unified School District campuses, and exposes them to in-school concerts, musical curriculum, and private concerts at Davies Symphony Hall. Elementary school kids in SF get to go through five years of Adventures in Music programming, and the program also does professional development offerings for teachers and administrators. 

3. Alcohol, mingling Few concerts you will attend this year figure pre-and-post-parties into the ticket prices, but there you are — the Symphony has you covered. Get to the venue at 7pm and you will dive politely into a carefully meted vat of sparkling wine in the well-lit, curving foyer wonderland of Davies Symphony Hall. After the concert, all will reconvene across the street at City Hall to talk about how wonderful everything was during yet another cocktail hour. 

4. Monae’s new single with Erykah Badu You’ve heard this, right? Not guaranteeing that it’ll be performed on Thursday with the full compliment of world-class musicians, but we have heard that Fat Belly Bella has been creeping around the Bay recently, performing at the Bonobo show at the Warfield earlier this month. Manifest it, friends. The video is genius: 

Janelle Monae at SF Symphony

Thu/16, 7pm reception, 8pm show, $150-340

Davies Symphony Hall

201 Van Ness, SF

(415) 864-6000