Psychic Dream Astrology: A look ahead to your 2012

Pub date December 26, 2012


March 21-April 19

This week: It’s wicked hard to be patient, especially when you just know that your way is the best way. This week you need staying power if you want to avoid creating needless drama. Use your awesome sense of humor and playfulness to diffuse the difficult stuff, including your perpetual restlessness.

2013: Happy New Year, Aries! The ego is a tricky thing, and while many of us associate it with over-confidence, it more often balloons out of fear and insecurity. This year your relationships will be the most important stuff, not only because they can be a great source of happiness, but also because they hold up such an accurate mirror. Choose to be true to yourself and those you love instead of succumbing to defensive reactiveness in 2013.


April 20-May 20

This week: You’re stuck in a tough spot but there’s no anchor to tether yourself — outside of yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t trust or lean on others, but you need to stand by you above all else, Taurus. Let go of what you assume you’re supposed to do or be and just figure out what’s right for you.

2013: Happy New Year, Taurus! Who do you want to be, and how will your life be different if you actually become that dream self? 2013 is a challenge for you to grow into a truer version of your self. Your fears of change, rejection and good old-fashioned failure will do their best to thwart you, but don’t let them, pal. You are capable. It will require sustained dedication and follow-through to outgrow your old posturing, but it’s worth it. Embrace growth.


May 21-June 21

This week: Just because you’re ambiguous doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track, Gemini. You need to trust in your instincts this week, and that means you’ve gotta be emotionally present enough to perceive them! Take care of the basics so that you don’t bring your insecurities from the place of bad-vibes fantasy to reality.

2013: Happy New Year, Twin Star! Its 2013 and you know you need change, but you don’t know how to do it, or even what the best direction is. Don’t worry too much over the details; contemplate what your life would feel like if you were more happy with it, what might you be doing differently? Keep your eyes open for opportunities that will allow your life to feel as you want it to, even if the path is dramatically different than you would have thought.


June 22-July 22

This week: The problem with being scared of things going wrong is that those thoughts and feelings motivate you to look for evidence of your fears coming true. This week you should resist the impulse to look for what you least want, Moonchild. Put your formidable energy into calming your insides instead.

2013: Happy New Year, Moonchild! Your 2013 theme centers on your center. Get to lovin’ yourself, even if that means making peace with some uncomfortable truths about who you’ve been. You cannot successfully participate in life based on fantasies of who you are. So get real. It’s only by knowing yourself that you can create change that sticks. Show yourself compassion and experience the kind of self-acceptance that’s infectious.


July 23-Aug. 22

This week: It’s important that you reflect on your needs enough so that when le merde hits the fan you are still armed with enough self-knowledge to react in the best ways possible. Tend to yourself as a way to support your relationships this week; give freely and practice receiving the gifts presented to you, Leo.

2013: Happy New Year, Leo! This upcoming year the fates want you to go deeper that you’ve gone before into your mental wellness. Uncertainties can have a crippling effect on your self-esteem and mess with your sense of purpose if you let them. How you mentally and emotionally manage the unknowable will have a defining effect on your year. Success will come though your striving to better understand and support the good, the bad and the ugly within.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week: There’s too much going on, and it feels super-overwhelming. This week your best tool is love, your greatest insights will be inspired by compassion, and the only way to go is to assume the best of others (and yourself.) Unify, don’t divide as a way to come to a better understanding of your situation.

2013: Happy New Year, Virgo! 2013 is going to change you, there’s no two ways about it. If you believed that life wants you to be happy, and that there is an abundance of what you need, how would you regard things differently? Strike up the courage to believe in the potential of your own happiness and success. Dare to grow when you would rather shrink and hide. Take heart and stand tall; it’s better to risk and fail this year than to not try at all.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: The best risks to take are around being your self. Authentically try for the stuff you want and invest in the goodness of your future in creative ways this week. Don’t take on anything new, focus on working with what you’ve got. Finish what you’ve started and repurpose instead of throw stuff out. You’re on your way, Libra.

2013: Happy New Year, Libra! This year it’s time to get free from being a people pleaser, and to saying yes when you mean maybe or no. Treat yourself to some radical honesty. Don’t assume that it’s your job to protect everyone’s feelings, or that you even know what they are. Let your relationships thrive in the space between where you are authentic as opposed to easy, and let others be themselves, too. It’ll be worth it, even if it seriously changes things.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: Don’t think about it, just do it, Scorpio! You are on the verge of a big transition and you’ve processed as much with the well-oiled machine of your mind that is helpful. Now’s the time to go through the steps of opening up to something new, and letting go of what has been proven to not work.

2013: Happy New Year, Scorpio! Saturn is sitting in your sign all of 2013 and that means heavy lessons and serious introspection all year long for you. Remember that action always speaks louder than suffering! Once you see a thing clearly you can change it or decide to change yourself to accommodate it. This year is one of seeking, and for best results you should let what you most value motivate your actions. Stay focused on your goals and pro-active in achieving them.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: You can’t have it all at once all the time, Sagittarius. This week will test your ability to manage your thinking. If you jump to worst-case scenarios you’ll be stressed and get freaked out by how few options you see. Practice trusting in the abundance of your days. Even if it’s not here right now, there’s plenty of time for it to come.

2013: Happy New Year, Sagittarius! They say, “Forgiveness is letting go of all hope of a better past.” This year you need to forgive yourself for all the crap you did or didn’t do, and to offer the same compassion to others. None of us are perfect, and you should strive to accept the mistakes that have made you who you are today. Don’t confuse enabling with kindness or idealizing with generosity in 2013.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: You shouldn’t have to know who’s gonna win in order to play the game, Capricorn. This week, try to approach life with a strong sense of humor, a willingness to play fairly with others and your ambitions clear in your mind. You can have what you want but not without a lighter heart and flexible attitude.

2013: Happy New Year, Cappy! In this upcoming year you need to stop trying to figure things out. Look for creative solutions for what lies in front of you instead of trying make things fit into your agenda. The problems you face in 2013 will require your willingness to dare to stand up and be yourself, even when that feels risky. Treat yourself like a BFF instead of a frenemy when the going gets complicated.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: Be careful Aquarius, ’cause you might just get what you’re going for. Do you actually want what you’re working so hard to get? Will it make you happy and improve your life? Things are about to change and your job is to create a world that you want to be in, instead of just pursing one in which you “win”.

2013: Happy New Year, Aquarius! Look forward to cultivating some patience this year. Let 2013 be the time that you thoughtfully consider all of your options and make the best choices possible. If that’s not your mindset you may find yourself impatiently overdoing things and wrecking havoc in your life. Think like an economist and make cost-effective choices this year.


Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Be in touch with what you feel to aid in laying the foundation for happiness to flow in your life. This week you might have to make extra effort to check in with yourself so that you aren’t being a yes man. Going with the flow is awesome, but you need to have a way to slow things down or change course, too.

2013: Happy New Year, Pisces! It’s the year of the hug, the year of family and love and connection. That also means that it’s time for you to open yourself up to intimacy, which is hard and super rewarding work. Practice the fine art of receiving in 2013. True generosity is not just about being giving; it can only be attained when you are able to receive what others are offering you. Be open to experiencing new and deeper forms of vulnerability.

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