End of days for Uzi Rash

Pub date October 12, 2012
WriterAndre Torrez
SectionVideo Pick

Finito. Doneski. Kaput. Well, that may be putting it harshly, but Uzi Rash’s five years of fame is just about up. So says frontman Max Nordile who is winding down this East Bay band with two last hurrahs.  They’ll simultaneously release one last LP, Coreless Roll Can-Liner (1234 Go! Records) as they kick off “Uzi Rash (2007-2012) End Days Last Tour” on Oct. 28. There is also word that a final, final cassette release, The Garbageman’s Uniform is near completion.

In the meantime you should go bananas and watch this Dan Shaw-directed, lo-fi video shot on a giant, grainy, camcorder that actually records using full-size VHS tapes (full disclosure: I make a cameo appearance — my music video debut right around the 1:30 mark).

Trust me, it wasn’t always sunshine and lollipops between the two of us. Nordile once stared me down and confronted me at a show after I had ignorantly mislabeled his band as a side project. I wised up. Still, he should be ashamed of himself for picking on a pipsqueak like me. But what else would you expect from a Neanderthal? Surely not good music. Here’s hoping for another day and a new dawn for him and any of his associate’s musical endeavors.

Only a few more chances to see Uzi Rash live in the Bay Area:

October 21st Indie Mart at Thee Parkside with White Mystery, Greg Ashley (formerly of Gris Gris) and Cracked Ice

October 26th Total Trash Halloween Bash pre-party at the New Parish in Oakland (Uzi Rash performs as The Fall) with Nobunny, Shannon and the Clams and Audacity

October 28th at 1234 Go! Records with Unnatural Helpers, Stillsuit and Synthetic ID

November 29th (Last show ever!) at Sugar Mountain in Oakland with Terry Malts, Apogee Sound Club, Yogurt Brain and Karen