The Helium Safari: The Astonishing Collage Art of Sean Mackaoui

Pub date October 11, 2012

Sean Mackaoui likes to cut and paste in his much-loved adopted hometown of Madrid, Spain. His work has adorned newspapers and magazines (El Mundo, The Herald Tribune, Courrier International, The Sunday Times Magazine, El Canto de la Tripulacion, and La Folha de Sao Paulo), dripped off posters (Centro Dramatico Nacional, Spain or Biennale du Cinéma Espagnol de Annecy, France), graced wine labels, adorned book covers, dressed up T-shirts, sold shoes, animated TV spots…. basically anywhere they let him put a collage!

He has exhibited his personal work in galleries around Europe, and occasionally pieces have been known to cross the Atlantic to the shores of the American continent. His proudest recent achievement was to be awarded an Honorary Director’s roll on the board of the San Francisco Collage Centre. For more information, please visit

Sean will be in attendance of this one night only event at Grant’s Tomb Gallery in North Beach, with additional montage art by Winston Smith, also in attendance.

Friday, October 19 from  7-11pm @ Grant’s Tomb, 50-A Bannam Alley,  SF | FREE