Snap Sounds: Young Magic

Pub date February 22, 2012



Hearing a band being described as “tribal electronic” gives me a headache, but Young Magic actually pulls it off on its debut full-length, Melt. This New York-via-Australia trio works irregular drum machine beats, swirling synths, and haunting vocals into dark, psychedelic pop songs. The sluggish, heavily reverbed “Night In The Ocean” is sensual and explosive. With its fluttering synths and repeated “I found love with you” vocals, “Jam Karet” is catchy and almost chant-like. “The Dancer” opens with a few creepy music box notes, and features what sounds like a shrieking tropical bird.

There are a lot of playful juxtapositions of ambient nature sounds and electronic elements on Melt, creating a feeling of these tracks being played on a MPC in some distant, secluded cave. Supposedly, the album was recorded all over the world, in Germany, Iceland, and Australia. These songs sound vaguely exotic and, as the band’s name suggests, snugly rooted in the occult. 


The video for “Night in the Ocean” is equally sexy: