Election 2010: The Lacy party

Pub date November 2, 2010
SectionPolitics Blog

Outside of Bloom’s Saloon, there’s a silver taco truck with a black and orange Dewitt Lacy sign stuck on the back. “Eat It” by Weird Al is blasting from inside the Saloon and as I timidly follow the noise Lacy himself turns around and gives me a wave.

I instantly feel right at home sipping my ice water while Lacy tells me about his campaign team and their accomplishments. “A lot of us put a lot of hard work into the campaign,” Lacy says.

We talked about the day he met President Obama and how his abilty to keep his cool completely vanished upon shaking the president’s hand. But personal anecdotes aside, Lacy is definitely serious about representing his district.

 “Some people have pegged this race as the Heart and Soul of San Francisco,” Lacy explained. “For far too long this district has been left out or overlooked and it’s time for that to stop.”

And while this particular race may not produce all results immediately — it will be decided by ranked-choice votes later in the week —  Lacy seems relaxed and relieved to be enjoying tacos, tequila, and cherry delight with friends, family and supporters.

When asked if most election parties are this chill, Lacy simply replies, “We are the people man.”