Election 2010: The Cohen party

Pub date November 2, 2010
SectionPolitics Blog

By Shawn Gaynor

Malia Cohen, her campaign staff and enthusiastic supporters gathered at Poquito’s on Third street anxiously awaiting election results. “It feels good to be the underdog,” said a grinning Cohen.

In a crowded district 10 field Cohen says, “she is the most prepared to work with all of the district’s people, district 10 is not monolithic it is not simply an African American community.”

“I am going to go where the people are and speak with people in their places of comfort they have ideas, creditable policy ideas. The people know how to solve our problems.”

 When asked what the district’s most pressing problem is, Cohen said: “it is an issue she saw highlighted on the campaign trail. We had a campaign BBQ up on third street and it really showed how profound the need is. We have to be addressing  food issues better in our community.” Cohen placed an importance on attracting new business including tourism to the district. “I see some real gems in district 10 and we need to  help polish those gems.”