Party Radar: Stereo Total, Sabo, Cam, Dub Mission, more

Pub date September 2, 2010
WriterMarke B.
SectionNoiseSectionParty Radar

Whoo! There’s a lot going on nightlifewise this long weekend. Besides the parties upon which I shined a woozy post-Canadian spotlight in this week’s Super Ego clubs column, here’s a few more great soirees at which you can work out your frustration or relief that you aren’t at Burning Man. The city is ours!


I caught the seminal ’90s dance-pop-punk, pan-European duo at Bimbo’s last year, with leslie and the Lys opening. Leslie was her usual oddball-amazeball whackadoodle self, but the Totals were a revelation. The place was packed, but even though there were only two of them, they enthralled the crowd with over-the-top mugging and anarchic, scenery-chewing live antics. And of course the infectious music turned into a massive singalong. Long story short: do not miss.

Thu/2, 9 pm, $18. Slim’s, 333 11th St., SF., 



NYC beatmaster Sabo has played to glorious acclaim at the Afrolicious and Tormenta Tropical parties, and SF crowds eat his Afro-Latin-tropical-hop beats up. (Does it help that he’s a total babe? Maybe for you — I would never even consider such a thing when evaluating a DJ’s skills.) For this month’s installment of the Braza! party, he’ll be laying down an all-Brazilian set to get your Ipanema jumpin’.

Fri/3, 10pm-3am, $10. SOM, 2925 16th St., SF. 




The dreamy French hip-hopiste comes bearing surreal stoner grooves. (His new album Sevenincludes an appearance by reclusive house legend Nicolette!) Sway along with local bass-twister Mophono of mind-bending weekly Change the Beat and Carey Kopp.


Sat/4,10 pm–late, $10 advance. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. 



Those artsy-crafty drag queens behind weekly Friday night sensation Some Thing at the Stud (go there this week as well) are at it again, bringing their enormously fun — and actually quite genius,fashionwise –  parody of Project Runway to Cat Club. Sublebrity SF alternaqueer teams (pretty much everyone who’s anyone in the city) are given a series of surprise challenges and must use the club’s decorations to formulate a fab outfit. Then the model must perform a drag number in said outfit for judges. It’s a total hoot, and DJ Down-E helps you dance through it all.

Sat/4, 10pm-3:30am, $7. Cat Club, 1190 Folsom, SF.




San Francisco’s original dub haven, this weekly joint always makes me smile while turning my head all spacey. Mission maestro DJ Sep welcomes Dr. Israel, Patch Dub, Katrina Blackstone, Turbo Sonidero Futuristico, and MC Mex Tape for a global-eared night of true vibes.

Sun/5, 9 pm, $10 advance. Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, SF.



One of my favorite old(ish) school Chicago house DJs comes in for a special Sunday Sessions party at the EndUp. This one’s going til 5 folks, so bring a bottle of water and prepare to get souled-out, classic-style. With Dawn of Sound, Ryan Nyberg, Rick Preston and more.

Sun/5, 8pm-5am, $20. EndUp, 401 6th St., SF.