The sublime absurdity of Danzig returns to SF

Pub date June 25, 2010

By Sam Stander

This Sun/27, Danzig takes the stage at SF’s Regency Ballroom. Now, I guess Danzig technically refers to the band as a whole, but the concept of the band is inseparable from its eponymous frontman Glenn Danzig. Danzig is the man behind horror-punk mainstays the Misfits and Samhain, and, to our great benefit, seems to possess almost no self-awareness. Well, maybe a little bit, since he did that Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. His sublimely absurd sincerity as he revels in images of the occult renders him simultaneously a laughingstock and a sort of heroic eternal adolescent. I guess what I’m trying to say is, Danzig rocks.

He’s touring behind his just-released album Deth Red Sabaoth (Evilive/The End), and this is his last tour date until his fall Blackest Tour. Just to get you pumped up, here is a sampling of why Danzig, well, rocks:

And, not in fact Danzig, but a perfect musical likeness: