North College Cove

Pub date January 5, 2010
WriterGary Hanauer

Rating: B

You may find as many as several dozen nude or topless people at this beautiful cove.  But more likely, you’ll see far more suited sunbathers and swimmers than those who are naked.  The beach is a little larger and has a better trail than its neighbor, College Cove South.  Jogging, volleyball, and Frisbee are other common pursuits here.

Legal status:

State property.

How to find it:

See directions for South College Cove. Take the trail at the northern end of the parking area there and go down its steps to the sand.

The beach:

Bigger than South College Cove. At low tide, you can walk from there along the sand around the big rock between the two coves. At high tide, access is mostly cut off by a rocky promontory.

The crowd:

About 75 percent of the folks who show up on the sand wear swimsuits.


Less nude use than at College Cove South; cold water; may be windy or foggy; raids by deputies in the past.