Hidden Beach

Pub date January 5, 2010
WriterGary Hanauer

Rating: B

It may be hidden to passersby on the road above its location, but we’ll give you directions to find this beautiful little cove, which is about a half mile south of Incline Village. Hidden Beach is the first of a line of seven intriguing clothing-optional shorelines near Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe in an area just south of Incline.

“The sand situation is pretty good,” says North Swanson, the much-respected leader of the Tahoe Area Naturists (TAN). “We have plenty of sand now and, as we get deeper into the summer, we’ll have more.”

Parking for Hidden and the other beaches listed in this section continues to be challenging on the hottest days, so be sure to come early. The lot at Hidden, which serves most of the other beaches, only has space for 30 vehicles.

Suggests visitor Steve Williams: “A half mile south of the lot, you can find parking on the lake side of Highway 28.” Or walk one quarter mile north of the first lot to another 30-car lot, which mainly serves Chimney Beach (see below entry).

Here’s another tip: don’t wear sandals or flip-flops on the trails to any of the local beaches, including Hidden. Closed-toe shoes will prevent you from suffering from a common local pet peeve caused by scratchy pine needles and pine tar entering shoes with large openings. Not surprisingly, this malady is called “needle stab.”

Legal status:

Nevada Division Of Parks property.

How to find it:

From the North Shore, take Highway 28 south to the Memorial Point Visitors Center parking lot, about a half mile north of Sand Harbor. Park there only if you want to take a short, 20-minute dip, or, if they’re available, in one of the hard-to-find parking spaces along Highway 28. Hidden Beach is located next to the highway, about a half-mile south of its intersection with Lakeshore Drive. From the lot, walk along the highway until you see the nude beach, which will be clearly visible from a guardrail between Highway 28 and the sand.

The beach:

True to its name, Hidden’s sandy beach is so hidden from view that even though the beach is located between the lake and the nearby highway, it can only be seen from the road by peering over a guardrail.

The crowd:

Mostly clothing-optional users, who are usually tolerated by state rangers.


Hard to find; tight parking in lots on hot days; can be seen from road by pedestrians who peer over; needs better directions.