Garberville Nude Beach

Pub date January 5, 2010
WriterGary Hanauer

Rating: C

Look for this quiet, riverbank site along the south branch of the Eel River, near the first highway exit into.  It isn’t visible from the highway, but there are houses nearby, so please use this area with caution.  Most local residents prefer visiting North Garberville Beach, which is our next listing.

Legal status:

Unknown, may be public property.

How to find it:

From Mendocino, go north on Highway 1 to Garberville, passing Rockport and Leggett (where 1 merges with Highway 101), or take 101 north all the way to Garberville. The road becomes a two-lane highway bordered by redwoods. Take the first Garberville exit. Turn left at the “To San Francisco” sign, the first major intersection in the city. Instead of following the highway onramp, go straight. After the street goes downhill, turn right onto the first paved road. Park near the big pile of gravel (you may see cars pulled over, which is usually a good sign). An easy trail, usually without poison oak, will take you to the south fork of the river.

The beach:

A skinny-dipping hole, protected from view from the road by a hill. Bring flip-flops or old sneakers to wear in the river.

The crowd:

Probably just you. Even on hot days, you may find only a few nude bathers.


Unknown legal status; cold water; homes nearby; river rocks.