Elsewhere on Big River

Pub date January 5, 2010
WriterGary Hanauer

To try four other clothing-optional riverbanks on Big River, walk downstream to a series of fun swimming holes.  Some of the spots are “maybe waist deep,” says regular visitor Brian.  But with increased winter rains, he reports that “at a few spots, you can even jump into the water.” However, due to the rocks in the river, total nudity isn’t recommended.  Suggests Bill Johnson, of San Francisco:  “Bring some old shoes you can wear for wading.” We call these beaches Two Bends, Three Bends, Five Bends, and Six Bends.


Legal status:

Part of the Big River unit of Mendocino Headlands State Park.


How to find it:

Follow directions to Lilies, then walk two, three, five, and six bends downstream along the river, which at times resembles a creek.


The beach:

Little riverbank sand shoals with cool water that may be shallow or moderately deep.


The crowd:

Probably just you.



Rocky river bottom; needs better directions; anti-nudity regulations may be enforced by state rangers in the future.