Boogie Bar

Pub date January 5, 2010
WriterGary Hanauer

Rating: C

Boogie Bar, on the Trinity River just west of the town of Willow Creek, has been used by college students and other skinny-dippers for decades.  “The river is usually up to 25 feet wide,” says visitor Alex Towery.  The popular beach of sand mixed with rocks is also called the Bend and Sandy Bar.  It’s located between Arcata and Weaverville, just off Highway 299.  On weekends, you’ll usually encounter dozens of naked and suited sunbathers and swimmers.  Other activities include reading and people-watching.

Legal status:


How to find it:

Take Highway 101 north to Eureka and Arcata. Pick up Highway 299 two miles north of Arcata and go east for about 25 minutes. Three miles west of Willow Creek, cross the Trinity River Bridge and take an immediate right onto South Fork Road. About three miles down the road, you’ll see a big meadow and a junkyard, the last two landmarks before the beach path. The best landmark to find the trailhead, says Towery, is to look for cars pulled over several miles beyond the junkyard. To avoid poison oak that sometimes overhangs it, don’t park too close to the edge of the vehicle area.

The beach:

A cove on the south fork of the Trinity River.

The crowd:

On the warmest days, perhaps 20-25 visitors.


Rocky river bottom; unknown legal status; poison oak near parking area; directions could be improved.