Lush bash: One of the best post-Xmas sales started today

Pub date December 26, 2009
SectionPixel Vision

lush sm 122709.jpg

By Kimberly Chun

One of the finest post-Christmas sales has to be the ask-and-they’ll-tell, somewhat-secret sale going down at Lush on Union Square.

No signs in the windows herald its arrival, but just ask a salesperson and they’ll spill the beans about the highly scented, ordinarily pricey products: buy one holiday bath bomb and you get two more free. Purchase a wrapped gift package of, say, vegan bath bombs, shower gels, and soaps and you get another free. Buy a soap and you get two more free. And so on… so get to it, if you’re a fan of the UK bath and skincare brand.

Lush Cosmetics
2116 Union St., SF
(415) 921-5874