The halting dance of Sirron Norris and Fox TV

Pub date December 22, 2009
SectionPixel Vision

By Caitlin Donohue

bobs burgers 1 1209.jpg
One more quirky animated show for FOX TV? Hey, at least it’s something to keep you busy in between episodes of The Cleveland Show!

Some may see it as a big leap to go from working on street murals in San Francisco to designing a pilot for Fox, but for painter Sirron Norris, it all comes down to the cheese. “Making a living is important to me,” says the Bay Area artist. Norris has been keeping busy working on the creative design for “Bob’s Burgers,” an animated series that the network just ordered 13 episodes of, set to debut in early 2011 with a cast of comedians in the vocal roles.

In our recent interview for this week’s SFBG Scene magazine, Norris leveled with me about the process his team went through to make “Bob’s Burgers” a TV series that was appropriate for the network home of the country’s first cartoon family.