Sex sells…coffee?

Pub date May 1, 2009
SectionSex Blog

By Molly Freedenberg


Wow, this coffee is hot. And I’m not talking about when it’s brewed. SV Holdings, the parent company that operates Stella and Victoria pastry companies, has launched its own line of organic roasts – and the packaging is downright sizzling.

The central theme is vintage pin-up girls whose poses and phrases are meant to embody the characteristics of the coffee inside the bag. A va-va-va-voom hourglass in a Jessica Rabbit dress nearly commands you to drink the bold, intense Espresso Roast by saying, “come taste how strong I am.” A smoky-eyed brunette kneeling on the cover of the Full Body Roast wants you to know “I’m known to be full bodied and rich in flavor” — and also seems to want you to come to bed with her. And your incentive for drinking the Breakfast Blend? The playful, lingerie-clad reminds you to “wake up with me every morning!”