Distractions: Seth Rogen, age 13

Pub date April 20, 2009
SectionPixel Vision

By Molly Freedenberg

I’m not a huge Seth Rogen fan. He’s charming enough, I guess, and I always have a soft spot for Jewish actors who aren’t conventionally attractive (Jason Schwartzman and Woody Allen, I’m talking to you). But since I am neither a 17-year-old boy nor a stoner, Rogen’s comedies simply don’t do much for me; hence, neither does he.

However, I’ve developed a new affection for him after stumbling across a video of him performing stand-up as a teenager on one of my favorite time suck sites, www.idontlikeyouinthatway.com. In the video, he’s surprisingly confident and funny for his age. Plus, he’s taking shots at Judaism — a sure way to warm this semi-Semite’s heart.

I’m still not going to see Observe and Report, or probably ever finish more than 20 minutes of Knocked Up. But when he gets a little older and starts doing more comedian-turned-serious-actor stints (a la Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), I might actually buy a ticket to see him rather than watching his film for free via www.sidereel.com. Nice job, 13-year-old Seth. You’ve (almost) caught yourself a nice (almost) Jewish girl. At least, as a possible fan.