Battlehooch: Fun and freaky

Pub date April 6, 2009

By Molly Freedenberg

I’ve just figured out what I’m doing on Thursday: going to see Battlehooch (what a great name) at Cafe du Nord. The musicians are friends of a friend, so I might’ve ended up there whether or not I’d done any research. But after listening to their strange, energetic prog rock on myspace – and then watching a vlog piece on what they’re about (the first one on their myspace page)- I’m officially hooked for my own reasons. Thing is, I can’t decide if I like them because these guys are music nerds, because they’re just plain nerds (bandmember non-musical interests include ideas, concepts, and topography), because their music is engaging and strange, or because they seem like so much fun I kinda just want to hang out near them. Either way, I’m betting this band will tickle some of my favorite places – cerebral and otherwise. I’ll have some of that hooch, thanks.

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Battlehooch, with The Lovely Public and Schande
9pm, $10
Cafe du Nord
2170 Market, SF
(415) 861-5016