Clubz: Calling all galactic zombies

Pub date January 7, 2008
WriterMarke B.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all been bombarded with Italo Disco the past couple years in the clubs… BUT — what about Italodisco tracks laid down by an actual Italian? And a cute gay fuzzy one at that?

This Tuesday night at the Transfer, fabulous Paduan superstar DJ Giacomo, one half of Italo Disco/cosmic funk/hi-NRG production whizzes Disco Dromo, guests at weekly raveup Chilidog, in association with Honey Soundsystem.


You can listen to one of Disco Dromo’s awesome mixes here (Galactic Zombies — mp3).

I first ran into Giacomo while waiting for a bus in Williamsburg on a rainy Thanksgiving vacation night. Later, in the musty, moldy basement of the Cock, Hunky Beau stuck a finger up a hole in his pants. So you know he’s game for anything! (I mean that in the most respectful way possible, Giacomo!)

Chilidog + Honey Soundsystem presents:
Disco Dromo
Tuesday January 8
The Transfer
198 Church (at Market)