Pub date February 8, 2007

FEB. 12


Tears of the Black Tiger

If you like spaghetti westerns, you’re sure to love the “Tom Yum Goong cowboys” of Tears of the Black Tiger. Unveiling a world of orange wheat fields and purple, pink, and lemon sunsets, Tears has something for everyone: action sequences with ricocheting bullets and slo-mo romantic melodrama set on an elaborate gazebo by a lotus pond. (Johnny Ray Huston)

In Bay Area theaters
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“Nikki McClure: New Work”

For some, the phrase paper cuts provokes thoughts of papyrus so sharp it can slice skin. But for me, it brings to mind Nikki McClure, who has made the craft of cutting paper an ever more versatile art form – some of her images have a detail and flow one might think impossible in such a form, while others make full use of paper cutting’s capacity for strong, blunt imagery. McClure was at the roots of the international pop underground when it formed in Olympia, Wash., in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Since 2000 she’s also been making calendars; her 2007 calendar should be on display at this show, also featuring new works as tiny as stamps. (Johnny Ray Huston)

Through March 11
Needles and Pens
3253 16th St., SF
(415) 255-1534