Pub date November 28, 2006

Nov. 29



No one hits harder than Dale Crover. The longtime Melvins drummer, who also served a stint in Nirvana, has had the force of his descending drumstick measured at 6,000 pounds per square inch, or roughly three times the bite force of an adult pit bull. Which means Coady Willis, former skins pounder for the Murder City Devils and current member of Big Business, has his work cut out for him. Willis and bandmate bassist Jared Warren will be performing with Melvins mainstays Crover and Buzz “King Buzzo” Osbourne at the Great American Music Hall. (Duncan Scott Davidson)

With Big Business, Altamont, and Porn
8 p.m.
Great American Music Hall
859 O’Farrell, SF
(415) 885-0750


Lewis Black

You probably know Lewis Black as the guy on The Daily Show who gets so aggravated by the state of the world that he looks seconds away from an anger-induced aneurism. But what you probably don’t know about him is that he’s written more than 100 one-act plays, a musical called The Czar of Rock and Roll, and a book titled Nothing’s Sacred. I also bet you didn’t know that he’s from Maryland and that his first film role was in Hannah and Her Sisters. There’s a lot about Black you don’t know, but if you head over to the Herbst Theatre, that might change considerably. (Aaron Sankin)

In conversation with Paul Lancour
8 p.m.
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness, SF
(415) 621-6600