Pub date November 22, 2006

Nov. 24


Gabby La La

Rarely is something musically weird enough for Les Claypool, the eccentric force behind Primus and the Les Claypool Flying Frog Brigade, but upon meeting whimsical multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Gabby La La – master of piano, ukulele, guitar, and sitar (she studied under sitar legend Ali Akbar Khan) – the king of kooky finally met his match. The first artist in 12 years to be signed to Claypool’s Prawn Song Records, Miss La La meshes perfectly with the quirky aesthetic, singing songs about fleas, pirates, and breakfast food in a signature vocal style that’s part old-world gypsy and part enchanted forest pixie. (Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman)

With Pumps:Fire and Lemon Lime Lights
9 p.m.
12 Galaxies
2565 Mission, SF
(415) 970-9777


Black Nativity

There are Christmas carols, and then there is Faye Carol, whose singing set Lorraine Hansberry Theatre’s production of Black Nativity ablaze last year. In concert at Yoshi’s and elsewhere, Carol draws on the three big B’s as inspiration: Bessie (Smith), Billie (Holiday), and the ultimate sorceress of the Great American Music Hall, Betty (Carter – you haven’t lived until you’ve heard her sing “I Cry Alone”). For Black Nativity, Carol taps deep into the mountains of gospel. (Johnny Ray Huston)

8 p.m. (Thurs.-Sat., 8 p.m., and Sun., 4 p.m.; through Dec. 24)
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
620 Sutter, SF
(415) 474-8800