Buckles, babe

Pub date August 7, 2006
SectionPixel Vision

Here’s a hot shopping tip for all y’all rednecks, brown-necks, yellow-necks, orange-, and green-necks in need of some styling belt buckles and finding themselves far, far away from Texas and that rad Albuquerque flea market. You’ll have to get your bad, leather-clad self down to this lil’ stand in the center of Serramonte Center in Daly City: Heryadi and Rieky Yusuf’s Jewelry Box Hiphop Style (650-991-7353).


They may not have those scorpion-in-lucite buckles that you still wish you picked up in Rosarito, but that I-hate-work number sort of makes up for it, no? Then after you get a specimen modeled after your ancestral flag, go down the street and stuff yourself on Hawaiian kalua pig at 99 Rice Bowl in Westlake Mall and follow that up with Krispy Kremes by the 280. Urp.