Pub date July 19, 2006



Raconteurs and Kelley Stoltz

Midwestern rock supergroupies meet the Detroit native-SF vinyl diehard (who was pals with Brendan Benson back in the day). (Kimberly Chun)

Also Sun/23, 8 p.m.
982 Market, SF
(415) 775-7722



Whether you consider it the “doom of the powers” or “twilight of the gods,” Ragnarok is definitely Norse slang for the beginning of the end. It might be realistic to state that the United States and the world – what? the United States isn’t the world? – have already reached that point. Goldie winners the Shotgun Players are taking on a live outdoor interpretation of the epic tale. Previewing on the same weekend that Patrick Dooley and company are holding a fundraiser, Ragnarok allows you to donate to Shotgun and take in some free theater. (Johnny Ray Huston)

Noon (also Sun/23); through Sept. 10
John Hinkel Park
Southampton between San Diego Road and Somerset Place, Berk.
Free (with pass-the-hat donation after show)
(510) 841-6500