Pub date July 5, 2006

JUlY 7

Artificial Intelligence
Yes, Virginia, there is still drum ‘n’ bass in San Francisco. Look no further than the Soul Stream and Still Doin’ It crews, who team up tonight to bring Artificial Intelligence from the UK to the Bay for the first time. The London-based production duo of Glenn Herweijer and Zula Warner are responsible for a string of releases on imprints like V Recordings, Commercial Suicide, and Soul: R, as well as running their own Widescreen label. The pair are touring in support of their new mix CD Liquid V Club Sessions vol. 2: The Big Picture (Liquid V), which features their own tracks alongside cuts from Roni Size, Calibre, and others. Local pressure brought by the Still Doin’ It and Soul Stream DJs along with the Colonel MC on the mic. (Peter Nicholson)

9 p.m.
414 Jessie, SF
(415) 474-7973

“Verve Syntheses”
All that shiny, glossy stuff – so large, so speedy, so colorful, so alluring, and so deceitful and unfulfilling. Not just post-Pollock in their computer splatter approach, Yoon Lee’s paintings also possess a postpop cynicism about advertising imagery and consumer culture even if it isn’t immediately apparent or spelled out through helpful text. How do graffiti and urban architecture figure as influences within Lee’s work? Placed next to each other, are these acrylic polymer and pigment monuments powerful or numbing? Lee’s new show, “Verve Syntheses,” at the ever great Luggage Store – recently given a deserved deluxe interview profile in ANP Quarterly – should provide some answers. (Johnny Ray Huston)

Through Aug. 5. Reception Fri/7, 6-8 p.m.
The Luggage Store
1007 Market, SF
(415) 255-5971