Election-night parties

Pub date June 6, 2006
WriterTim Redmond
SectionPolitics Blog

We’re having some web-server problems here, as some of you may have noticed. But we’ve managed to get our election blog up and running, which is what you see here now. For your infor, here’s the list of election-night parties.

Janet Reilly
Canvas Café
1200 9th Avenue at Lincoln

Fiona Ma
Irish Cultural Center
2700 45th @ Sloat

Yes on A
Powell’s Place
1521 Eddy @ Fillmore

No on D
2522 Mission St. (on the roof)

Leland Yee
Campaign Headquarters, 6644 Mission Street, Daly City, CA

Mike Nevin
Plumber’s Union Hall
1519 Rollins Road

Eric Safire for Judge
398 7th St.