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Volume 45 Number 37

Volume 45 Number 37 Flip-through Edition

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Treasure Island: 11 ayes, no sight

The Board of Supervisors doesn't see that Treasure Island is a bloated project that will vastly exceed the region's capacity to support it.

Ready for takeoff

Garrett + Moulton Productions soar with The Experience of Flight in Dreams

Gamer road trip: E3 report!

Hyped at E3, first-person shooterBioShock Infinite will be released in 2012.

The ol’ Vic-trola

Hard times on the Haight? Give into Hippie Temptation

Schizoid trickster

Tyler, the Creator's mental trip channels punk's dystopia

Crying in public

Being brave through site-specific choreography on Market Street 

In spite of himself

Steve Coogan plays a (hilarious) jerk named Steve Coogan in The Trip

The faith and the fury

A night with the one and only Klaus Kinski

The ballad of Peter and Raymond

FRAMELINE FILM FEST: A legendary local odd couple gets its due in Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

Sing out

Musicals take center stage at Frameline 35

Camp rocks

Director and star discuss the proudly un-PC Mangus!

Heroes and hoedowns

Spotlight on homegrown docs and narratives

Wild is the wind

Kim Nalley channels Nina Simone, and Burning Man channels personal pizza

Alexander’s Steakhouse

Straddling the culinary poles of France and Japan, this Brannan Street vault still delivers for fans of American red meat

Cheese bits

Wagon wheels with butter sauce and lots of cheese aren't the only culinary comforts at Caffe Venezia

3348 with a bullet

The pulp future of James Boice's The Good and the Ghastly

Groupon’s secret

Are misleading online ads the secret to Groupon's success? And is Google implicated?

Editor’s notes

Selling off the Department of Recreation and Parks

CPMC’s stunning arrogance

Plans for a new hospital center has to comply with the city's affordable housing laws

Chiu’s choice

The man who presided over the end of the Progressive Era at City Hall needs to decide whose side he's really on