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Volume 45 Number 31

Volume 45 Number 31 Flip-through Edition

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2011 Small Business Awards

The Guardian's annual small business awards celebrate the entrepreneurs who keep this city lively

Portal 2

A video game's second installment leaves its cult credibility unscathed

Hot house Magic

Taylor Mac's The Lily's Revenge lights up Magic Theatre with earthy flower power

Secrets of our lives

SF duo Silver Swans makes midnight music for contemplation

Some shit-talking

Psychedelic Horseshit steps out of the shitstorm and laces things with bliss

Bleak frames and guilt

David Lester depicts the shadowy relationship between words and actions in The Listener

TV eye

Anxiety of influence and smudged portraiture at CCA and Romer Young 

Nothing was delivered

Meek's Cutoff travels the unkind road of Manifest Destiny

The darkness underneath

Jodie Foster discusses her return to directing with The Beaver


The world keeps turning at this pared-down, purposeful standby

Let it show

Kate Weare Company's Bright Lands sets the dark undercurrents of folk music to dance

The San Francisco-Jalisco añejo

Tequila distiller Don Pilar relies on both sides of the border for his success

Superlist 2011: Bottomless mimosas

City-wide guide to the best sparkling orange deals

Nothing’s fixed

Fixie culture gets the X Games spin at a recent competition

Knee-jerked reaction

Bowl'd cures the ain't-got-no-cowboy-hat blues

Power and shared wealth

PG&E's far-reaching influence even links it to San Bruno explosion investigators

Evicting hoarders

Excessive collection of stuff is a mental disability, but legal protections for these renters are often ignored

The case against consolidation

Low-income communities accuse Sutter Health of price-gouging at hospital costs hearings

Canine conflict

Proposal to restrict off-leash dogs on federal parklands has owners howling and environmentalists cheering

Mirkarimi running for sheriff

Hennessey's pick for his successor

Let counties raise taxes

SB653 would help to allow counties to determine their own finances

Editor’s notes

Osama's death will mean little in Iraq and Afghanistan