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Volume 45 Number 08

Editor’s notes

Santa Claus or schools? California voters have to choose one

The Dozen

The SF Hip-Hop Dance Fest turns 12 in style


Love is a Stream and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma knows how to glide along

Pwning the classics

Jennie Ottinger throws the book at us in "Due By," at Johansson Projects, while Ed Moses serves up acrylic animalia at Brian Gross Fine Arts

Mädchen gone wild

Schoolgirl Report DVD series revives salacious '70s German sexploitation

Bodies and bacon

Numbing possible Platonic crushes at Mission Chinese Food

Green vs. “green”

City seeks to evict the HANC Recycling Center after it crosses Newsom on the sit-lie ordinance

Boring through

Central Subway has a funding shortfall and a growing number of critics, but its supporters are as committed as ever

Score board

Dear Andrea: My girlfriend is 19 and has had 15 partners. I'm 28, with 10. It pisses me off. I'm in love, but part...

Facebook or die?

After I quit the social networking site, I woke up with a pep in my step, as if I'd just retired after 70 years of service at a meat-packing plant, with a huge marijuana, cat, and vibrator pension in the Bahamas

The high harvest

Glide Community House plants produce atop the Tenderloin

Volume 45 Number 8 Flip-through Edition

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Critical care

How the debate over CPMC's controversial multi-hospital project revived the idea of healthcare planning in San Francisco


Herbal perfumes and chili heat grab attention at this Divisadero spot beneath the Metro Hotel, complementing delectable pizzas

The screwy rules for mayoral succession

EDITORIAL The clerk of the Board of Supervisors, at the request of Board President David Chiu, has released a proposal for the selection process...


Shaking some serious trypto-fanny with Dirty Bird, Brenmar, Mr. Big Top, Gobble Gobble Hey, Go Bang, two rollerskating parties, and much more

Darkest heart

Claire Denis' parable of postcolonial Africa


Andreya Triana and Tokimonsta tap into the sensual side of electric soul

The in sounds of ‘The Way Out’

Strange tapes go into the unique sound of the Books

Heavenly landing

Cynthia Hopkins traverses time and space — and the extremes of success and failure — to reach the sublime