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Volume 45 Number 04

FEAST: Distilled genius

From carrot liqueur to the best in absinthe, a tour of the city's new tipples

FEAST: 6 hot C-cups

Hot action! A mug of these hot chocolates will set you down the right sleigh path

FEAST: 5 far-out sammies

Find the creme of the crusts at these neighborhood delis

FEAST: 5 sardinerias

The salty swimmers finally get their due in SF's eateries

FEAST: The new, new nanobrew

Beer in a basement? Trust us, you're gonna be hip to these hops

FEAST: 7 burrito-free late nights

Unique spreads for the nocturnal set

Volume 45 Number 4 Flip-through Edition

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Fall election ’10 clip out guide

Click here for the San Francisco Bay Guardian's complete endorsements -- and happy voting. CLICK HERE for the printable PDF from our home page. NATIONAL...

Falling for Fallout — again

Feelin' lucky? Fallout: New Vegas chases the apocalypse to Sin City

Different walls

Habibi adds an enigmatic viewpoint to a growing chorus of Palestinian voices


What we're listening to

The. Rent. Is. Too. Damn. High!

A record breaking conservative private donor puts the onus on progressives to show up on November 2nd

Onra’s future funk

The Parisian producer paves the way for the erotic robotic

Don’t stop this crazy thing

Ninja Tune XX traces Coldcut's path through decades of sampledelia

Seeing spots

HAIRY EYEBALL: Bill Jenkins' tiny space transformation with "Lids and Dots," and Seth Koen's narwhal tribute wood sculptures

Dancing with the dark

YBCA remembers butoh pioneer Kazuo Ohno

The Good Shepard

The Punk'd prodigy takes another big-screen stab in The Freebie

Hey boo

SUPER EGO: Ghost ride the Halloween party weekend

Cash not care

Downtown groups are spending big money and making telling alliances in this election

Citizen’s Band

Where the roadside diner gets the Left Coast-Gay Bay treatment

Paradise lost

Kunst-Stoff and LEVYdance travel through violent legacies in a powerful double bill

The mad hatter

El Rio's fry bread guy mends romantic hunger

alt.sex.column: Straitlaced

Dear Readers: We were lately discussing objects and outfits that make you feel sexier and more attractive, as opposed to fetish items, inanimate stuff...

PG&E fast and loose on repairs, tight-lipped on info

Power company turns tail in the face of hard questions