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Volume 43 Number 53


FIFA '10 kicks it up a digital notch


Sins Invalid puts the spotlight on sexuality and disability

Partly cloudy

Dancers shine through Margaret Jenkins Dance Company's uneven Other Suns

Musical melange

Brief Encounter and South Pacific hit low and high notes

Ray of darkness

Fever Ray gives birth to icy electro ideas. Plus: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass explodes with green sounds

Lemmy caution

Motorhead motors into San Francisco -- the warts will loom large

Higher ground

Solnit's latest explores the utopic possibilities glimpsed in disaster

My country, my country

Heddy Honigmann Returns To Lima with Oblivion

No resolve

A troubled past leads to a haunted present in Five Minutes of Heaven

Funny face

Joan Rivers interviewed from a Port-A-Potty. Plus: Lovevolution offers an education


Blinking beelines and 2546 San Bruno Cafe

Ticklish allsorts

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have had a fetish for ticklish women all my life. (I used to like tickling my sisters, even, although I guess that...

Fitting in?

Local students make the cut at New York Fashion Week

Living with water

GREEN CITY: By the middle of the century, the waters of the San Francisco Bay could rise up to 16 inches

The inside outsider

Why does a private contractor have a free city office space and inside access to top officials who keep extending his contracts?

The Kajagoogoo of Jacques Attali

Or: Hard Times, meet your old friend, Great Music


The top 10 stories not brought to you by mainstream news media in 2008 and 2009

Balompie Cafe

Mixing Salvadorean food with plenty of televised soccer matches

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Appetite: Pheasant eggs, shrimp and grits, Soul Food benefit, and more

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Editor’s Notes

Obama chose the wrong battlefield on health care

Psychic Dream Astrology

Sept. 30-Oct. 6: This is a perfect time for going with your gut. But the best way to have a gut worth trusting is by keeping it clean

How an online newspaper can succeed

No number of part-time bloggers and citizen journalists will ever be able to perform the watchdog role of a fully-staffed newspaper

Music listings

Music listings are compiled by Paula Connelly and Cheryl Eddy. Since club life is unpredictable, it's a good idea to call ahead to confirm...