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Volume 43 Number 51

Invasion of the bedbugs

How we dealt with these disgusting little bloodsuckers; and why we still fear stigma and our landlord

Volume 43 Number 51 Flip-through Edition

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Running with the night

Shedding light on the "Best of Columbia Noir" retrospective

Fringe follies

Sizing up SF's eclectic theater festival

Rock me, Amadeus

Phoenix flies far, Monotonix rocks Israeli culture, and more


What we're listening to

The revolution will not be regionalized

How Trikont Music is saving the world, one compilation at a time

What they do matters

The Mantles keep it in the family and create a Cali pop classic

Pho la love

Kang Nam Pho House

Wayfarer crests

The San Francisco Symphony sails through Mahler

The Mix

What we've been up to

Environmental review, Inc.

Green City: The city planning controversy

Urban man

Burning Man seeks a higher perennial profile as Black Rock City cultivates the metropolitan ideal

Come a cropper

Super Ego: Are we in Vegas? A balls-out bar crawl through the slick new Kylie-drenched Castro

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Music listings

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PARK(ing) Day

Turn a metered parking spot into the playground of your dreams


A withdrawn narration that moves with the stealth purpose of a folk tale

DanceWright Project and special guests

A sense for craft, a lack of pretense, and a love for ballet


It's not just a clever name

Take warning

Inconvenient truths abound in eco-docs The Age of Stupid and No Impact Man

On Land Festival

The Root Strata music label celebrates five years of work in a quietly extravagant way

Metro Cafe

After a foray to Kathmandu, Metro Cafe returns to its French roots

Editor’s Notes

Streaming the ebb and flow of the state Legislature