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Volume 43 Number 49

American hardcore

Joe Sarno: idiosyncratic talent, psychotronic legend, sexploitation lifer

Taxi cab confessions

Comedian Brent Weinbach hails the laughs. Plus: Jonesin', Al Green, and more

History today

Black Cobra provide irrefutable evidence of underground metal circa-2009

We’ve gained control again

Night Control brings enigmatic allure to one of 2009's vogue words

Cass’ corridors

McCombs navigates lovely mazes — or Catacombs — of meaning, until they implode

Dreams come true

A very unlikely duet between Cass Mccombs and Karen Black

Word on the street

Street Sheet celebrates its 20th anniversary of helping the homeless and raising their issues

Unbuckling the swashbuckler

A new bio shines a light on what Douglas Fairbanks left behind

See monsters

It's a Big Machine, it's a mean machine, it's a big, mean story by Victor LaValle

Nuclear implosion

Still Walking observes a family in quiet crisis

Baader to the bone

Hipster terrorists? Uli Edel's new film exhaustively explores the Red Army Faction

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Boss bashes for the long weekend: Sixxteen, Labor D'Amour, Gemini Disco, Dub Mission, Blessed ....

Corn on the curb

Cobs across America, and a sandwich at Tay Tah Cafe in Albany

Ooo, hard

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Andrea is on vacation. This column originally ran 5/21/08. Dear Andrea: I'm confused. Are there any guys out there who aren't at the extremes as far...

Desperate measures?

GREEN CITY: Plans for the Bay's first desalinization plant inch forward -- but what about the energy costs?

I heard a tumor

Ganglians work together to create happy accidents and sound out dreamy intent

The water wars

San Francisco Bay and the delta are dying. Salmon runs are collapsing. Droughts are getting worse. And big agriculture still wants more water

Border bender

Thick Description's revival of Octavio Solis's El Otro is a trip

Liberty Cafe

Liberty Cafe's bountiful dishes and dependable pleasantries still entice, despite recent changes

Appetite: Bunny Chao, jalapeno spaghetti, cheap Krusovice, and more

Food-and-drink spots, deals, events and news

Davila 666, Mannequin Men, NoBunny, Bridez

The walls of Thee (tiny) Parkside to be filled with rawk


American regional differences and disparities between rural and urban culture have nothing on their Turkish counterparts

RAWdance presents the Concept Series: 5

A series of informal presentations that sparkle with fresh ideas, although the individual works are rarely finished