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Volume 43 Number 46

Moving backward

Union claims city salary cuts reverse hard-won gains for women and people of color

Big top blues

Circus comes to town amid new evidence of elephant abuse

Sailing into the plastic vortex

Green City: Closing in on the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

‘Can I buy your park?’

Critics challenge bill allowing luxury condos on Candlestick Point parkland

Walk like an Egyptian

"Tutankhamun" is all about the booty

Inflatable darling

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: We were watching Mythbusters and they were using inflatable dolls instead of crash test dummies. That didn't work very well, but it did...

Worth it

Grilled shrimp Popsicles at Pot de Pho on Geary

Teh ghey

Alternaqueer alert! Homo A Go Go fest, SF Drag King Contest, Grand Vogue Ball, Bjork Night, and wet jocks

G’day sleaze!

Not Quite Hollywood gives Aussie genre movies their overdue due

On the Rael

Tesseractic rapper Odynophagia takes aim at your alien wormhole

Sound of vertigo

Why the Gaslamp Killer leads listeners into a hallucinatory odyssey

‘Summer’ songs

Mainstream pop music nostalgia neatly packaged in romcom form? Why not?

Split decisions

BAY WRESTLING: Pro wrestling's many rounds of -- and rows between -- family values and sex and violence

Mad women

The outfits really rock. And so do the fabulously messed-up women who wear them

Time travelers

Then is now for four different Bay Area musical trail-blazers

The ring

BAY WRESTLING: Pro wrestling comes alive again in one of its oldest, most devoted homes — the Bay Area

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Dead heat

Old is new again as conservatism defines museums' summer survival strategies

New Tsing Tao

Chinese standards in a comfy space just off the main drag in West Portal

Bowie Ball

A celebration of Bowie's many faces, styles, and sounds


"Full of mystery and intrigue, rich in irony, and most satirical"

“San Francisco’s Doomed”

A dedicated festival

“Good Boys and True”

Wealth, privilege, power, and a sex tape


Ready-made for living room dance parties