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Volume 43 Number 36

If you’re nasty

Hacking a path through the latest slew of British horror flicks

First things Faust

Shotgun Players' Faust, Part 1 at the Ashby Stage is whole unto itself

Into the wild

Ex-Grandaddy Jason Lytle puts it all together, Camera Obscura get a little happy

A distant memory

In Attica Locke's Black Water Rising, the surprises extend beyond suspense

Return of the creatures

Zombies, werewolves, slashers -- the usual suspects turn up at Another Hole in the Head fest


Throwing light on underrated action master Phil Karlson at Pacific Film Archive


Love, Ativan, and Ton Yong Thai Cafe

Objects in mirror

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: Since I can't write this week, I thought I could at least rerun a letter germane to recent discussions. Dear Andrea: I met a...

Looking at ‘Looking In’

The making and unmaking of Robert Frank's The Americans

Round one

Muni battle kicks off budget showdown season at City Hall

The struggle continues

Marriage equality advocates react, then move into campaign mode

Blocking the Port

A new lawsuit seeks to impede the Port of Oakland's ability to regulate dirty trucks

Bull feathers

Rising above with DJ Jesse Saunders, Roller Disco!, Zombie Beach Party, Wighnomy Bros, and a Big Gay Idea party

Shrinking government

Newsom's budget cuts public health and city employees -- and includes no new taxes

That crazy feeling

The humor, sadness, and everything-ness of Robert Frank's The Americans -- 50 years later

Do the ‘bot

Disco popsters the Juan MacLean are only human -- more or less

Let there be lunch

Luques Restaurant and Stable Cafe focus on the long-neglected art of the afternoon repast

Musical, political, alchemical

Ms. Amerykah graduates from neo-soul with a master piece

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Transforming from an urban neo-noir to a village morality play and a bedroom character study


An affirmation for those engaged in the ongoing struggle for equality

Garrett Pierce

Exploring his dark side


Architects of the modern black metal sound