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Volume 43 Number 35

Now you see him

A last look at "William Kentridge: Five Themes"

Accidental, with purpose

Theophilus Brown peels away expectation and returns anew to abstraction at 90

And justice for all

Brilliant, blacklisted legend Dalton Trumbo endures with a DVD release of Johnny Got His Gun

It takes two

Windy & Carl's ambient, celestial-waxing pairing isn't as blissful as it seems

Glittering prize

Ramona Gonzalez of Nite Jewel on the Bay Area and the joy of Woo

Dystopian enterprise

Richard North Patterson on Eclipse and the legacy of Ken Saro-Wiwa

Total ‘Eclipse’

Richard North Patterson takes on the Nigerian and Western petrolords

Senses and sensibility

"In the Realm of Oshima" is a staggering reaffirmation of the 77-year-old director's vision

Love story

King Sing on Balboa

Higgamus hoggamus

andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I wonder if you've been living in San Francisco too long? Most prostitutes are not happy grad students! Most have been abused, are...

O.G. sleaze

The glory of 1978's Inglorious Bastards

The Golden State’s extreme makeover

California isn't working any more. It's time to think about dramatic ideas for change


California gloss added to a solid Catalán base coat -- resulting in the authentic hubbub of a tapas spot

Crack “Relapse”

Out of rehab and back to music-making, Eminem still irks -- with hip-hop once again his favorite high


Chevron earns record profits -- but isn't reporting the inhuman costs of its global enterprise

Revenge of the nerds

High-energy Fukú Americanus lacks depth

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Sila and the Afrofunk Experience

The best of all possible worlds in World Music terms: uptempo, polyrhythmic, socially conscious (but not pedantic), strikingly melodic, and eminently danceable.

Big Business

Cut from the same pitch-black cloth as any fearsome Nordic god

CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival

An apt alternative-entertainment prelude to Memorial Day

Mark Morris Dance Group

"L'Allegro" returns to Berkeley to again consider whether happiness or melancholy is the better state to strive for

Racial justice: A to G spells victory

Education outcomes for black children - right here in San Francisco - are the worst of the state's urban districts

Editor’s Notes

First, let's get rid of the hype and spin. Californians did not reject new taxes May 19. There weren't any taxes on the ballot