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Volume 43 Number 30

Dining on dimes

FEAST: How to be a frugal foodie in the new economy

Staff picks

FEAST: Our office experts describe their favorite places to dine and drink

5 Green caterers

FEAST: Creating professional, sustainable events

5 Sustainable seafood stops

FEAST: Guilt-free sushi, oysters, and other delicacies from under the sea

Appetite: Hot tamales, banana cookies, $1 martinis, and more

Food-and-drink spots, deals, events and news

12 sweet spots

FEAST: Doughnuts, desserts, and other dulcet delights

Splurge and save

FEAST: 8 tips on eating out more cost-effectively

Big Easy in the Bay

FEAST: An SF guide to New Orlean's-style cocktails

Get juiced

FEAST: Fresh, healthy alternatives to the Master Cleanse

5 Great Sandwiches

FEAST: The best things between sliced bread

7 Spring flings

FEAST: Good spots for great San Francisco dating

One chicken. Two people. Three gourmet meals.

FEAST: Cheap, easy recipes from star chefs


Fung Lum Restaurant

Tending the brood


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Slow down the solar project

Why is the Obama administration giving tax breaks for private projects that aren't available to cities?

Editor’s Notes

Wardens have gone beyond drugs and weapons; phones are the new contraband

Do the right thing, Dianne

With EFCA finally within reach, Sen. Feinstein has announced that she is looking for a "less divisive" option

Don’t drill here

Green City: Polar bears, sea turtles, other marine mammals -- and those were just the protesters


Do we really need another dysfunctional-family flashback with the requisite retro pop hits, pot smoking, awkward virginity loss, and nostalgically horrible decor?

I’m a lonely guy

andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: The letter from "Forty and Frustrated" a few weeks back got a lot of interest and at least one excellent suggestion (go out...

SFIFF: Shots in the dark

Short takes on SFIFF

SFIFF: Tune boon

Before there was Barney or Raffi -- catchy ditties and dino-riffs at SFIFF

Jimmy Sweetwater Presents

San Franciscans sometimes seem fonder and more aware of what the Bay Area attracts than of what it produces