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Volume 43 Number 15

Super Lit!

Movie love! Radiation sickness! Vanishing forests! The Necronomicon! A lit-splosion of delectable new books and reviews

The wayward west

America is not a freeway in Jon Raymond's Livability

This land was your land

The American West at Risk confronts mine-all-mine mentality

Speed Reading

83 Days of Radiation Sickness, The Photographs of Stanley Marcus, essays by LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), and stories by Ed Bullins

Herself redefined

The word is the thing in The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest

Vive l’amour

Stephanie Young remakes icons and images in Picture Palace

Blessed be

The Necronomicon has an expensive 31st birthday party

Reel time travel

A book-length encounter with the criminally obscure Ulrike Ottinger

Scary kids scaring kids

A feast of little bejeebers creeps across the Castro screen

Return to deform

Banana Bag and Bodice take Beowulf on an epic journey

Beautiful voices

John Legend plays to the church of pop perfection -- and finds love and devotion

So Fox-y

The stunning landmark venue reopens in Oakland. Plus: A legendary artist recovers, Free Blood, Dirty Bird, and more


What's Vanessa Redgrave doing in the geezer ghetto?

Cafe Kati

A fusion-cuisine pioneer whose blend of French and Asian influences remain fresh

New year, new pho

Rang Dong Restaurant in Oakland

Her cheatin’ heart

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Three years into my relationship with my girlfriend, I found her panties stuffed in her handbag and it turned me on. When...

Don’t leave your home

A foreclosure can be tough on tenants — but it shouldn't lead to eviction

The class of 2008: an agenda

We are committed to ushering in a new tone of cooperation and unity in San Francisco

The 2008 Lamebow Awards

The tackiest, bass-ackwardest moments of queer 2008

Offies 2008

Presenting the 2008 off-guard awards for the worst, the lamest, and the most insane and idiotic moments of a year that seemed like it would never end

Losing the West

Green City: "Americans have to start caring about the survival of small communities, their local towns, and their local resources"

Editor’s Notes

This latest incident is going to cost BART at least $10 million when the lawsuits are over

Another BART police tragedy

How many more people have to die before BART gets its act together?

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