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Volume 43 Number 06

Bill Berkson

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Fifty years of slow-dawning epiphany


The 20th Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards

V. Vale and RE/Search Publications

GOLDIES 2008 Lifetime Achievement winner: The monkish punk elder of counterculture in the Bay


GOLDIES 2008 winner: Different buzzes in different circles, consciously

Margaret Tedesco

GOLDIES 2008 winner: An approach that always includes inviting others into the fold

Kamau Patton

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Behold the warp of truth, infinite


GOLDIES 2008 winner: Creating a forum for critical engagement with aesthetics

Jonas Reinhardt

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Wembley-sized dreams for the contemporary Krautrockers

Barry Jenkins

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Viewing the city -- and its displacements -- through the prism of a relationship

Matt Furie

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Endangered species to champagne-and-SpaghettiOs

Erin Mei-Ling Stuart

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Focusing on the mess humans manage to create for themselves

The Dodos

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Concocting a sound that verges on epic, minus muddle

The Cutting Ball Theater

GOLDIES 2008 winner: It's often the warped glass that furnishes the truest picture

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books

GOLDIES 2008 Lifetime Achievement winner: Anything but a vanity press


GOLDIES 2008 winner: Sublimely interwoven acoustic and electric guitars and lushly appointed folk-rock

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My kingdom for a dumpling

King of Dumpling in the Sunset is a fresh revelation of handmade deliciousness

Corporations do

Chevron faces landmark human rights trial and angry voters just as profits peak

Can have

Hometown Donuts in Richmond

Going topless

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com (Andrea's on vacation! Check out this oldie but goodie, originally published in the Guardian 7/5/06). Dear Andrea: My girlfriend is really into BDSM. At first...

On the Obama campaign trail

Far away from the liberal bubble -- but great fried chicken

Shift happens

Will 2012 bring the end of the world as we know it?

Bait and switch

The draft financing plan for Lennar's southeast development keeps getting sweeter for the troubled company

Power possibilities

Green City: The city's energy policy is still uncertain