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Volume 43 Number 02

Fall Feast 2008


Feast: 6 bloody sausages

Almost every culture has its own version of blood sausage. The delicacy is a traditional post-slaughter meal, made at the beginning of winter as...

Feast: Mapu tofu ramen

A love story in a bowl

Feast: The fixe is in

In praise of the set menu ... and where to find some good ones

Feast: 8 great game-day bars

As the nation kicks off another football season and gears up for baseball playoffs, San Franciscans may be wary of spending Saturday afternoons in...

Feast: 6 Seoul foods

Even among foodies, Korean cuisine does not get its due — and that's even more the case in San Francisco. As I searched for...

Feast: 5 Jewish joints

It's easy to assume that the Jews of San Francisco have been culinarily deprived. Unlike New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco doesn't have...

Feast: 5 halal heavens

The Muslim world has just wrapped up another Ramadan, the sacred month of fasting and reflection during which it's said the Qu'ran was delivered...

Feast: 5 German delights

Contrary to popular belief, German cuisine is not an oxymoronic phrase. Though traditional food from the Fatherland does tend to be heavier on meat...

Feast: 5 fierce cooking classes

There's something perfect about a cooking class for an adult — it's a way to learn a new skill without making a huge commitment...

Feast: 6 perfect cheese plates

There's an old wives' tale that eating cheese before bed will produce nightmares; but I've found that after nibbling a good Gruyère or a...

Feast: 9 breakfasts to go

Going without breakfast can turn your brain into a fritzing light bulb that repeatedly buzzes: "Eat something ... zzz ... Eat something." But who...

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Endorsements 2008: East Bay races and measures

Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland ballot endorsements

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco measures

Yes, yes, yes on A and H. No, no, no on P and V...

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco races

Board of Supervisors, Board of Education, Community College Board, and BART Board of Directors

Endorsements 2008: State ballot measures

Yes, yes, yes on 1a. No, no, no on 4 and 8 ...

Endorsements 2008: National and state races

Obama for President, Sheehan for Congress, and more

Songs in silver

Avocet's experiments in resonance and unconventional fascination

All is well in the land of Pigeon Funk

...and Joshua Kit Clayton is still a freaking weirdo

New lost blues

Going further -- and farther out -- at the first Frisco Freakout

Endorsements 2008

Obama for President, Campos, Mar, and Chiu for supervisor. Yes, yes, yes on A and H. No, no, no on 8. Our complete endorsements for the Nov. 4 election


Quiet, Please scarcely scratches the surface of the library experience

Girl talk

Tragic, authentic Rachel Getting Married and happy, praiseworthy Happy-Go-Lucky